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I’m vegetarian, should I be taking vitamins?

December 31, 2008


There are many myths revolving around vegetarian diets. Many consider vegetarians deficient in various nutrients. On the other hand, the vegetarian diet has been proven to prevent many diseases. In a well-balanced vegetarian diet, there will be a similar amount and variety of nutrients as in a meat-eater’s diet. However, vegetarians do need to be […]

Eat More Kale!

December 28, 2008


For the past 4 years or so, Kale has been my all time favorite vegetable. It has a great taste, it’s easy to cook, and even easy to grow.  The number of health benefits are tremendous.  According to Dr.Joel Furhman, one pound of kale has more protein than one pound of beef!  As if that […]

A ‘cuppa’ tea: Oolong

December 5, 2008


Oolong means “black dragon” in Chinese. Oolong tea is oxidized and falls somewhere in between green and black tea, in taste and properties. The percent of oxidization can range from 10-70%. While green tea contains a wealth of one ingredient called catechin and black tea contains a lot of theaflavin, oolong tea contains a large […]

Karma Clinic makes news!

December 5, 2008


Richard Whittaker, a pronounced “Berkeley Treasure,” artist and writer,is also the editor of a profound ARTivist magazine called Works & Conversations.  Karma Clinic makes a debut… Check it out here