A wake up call for the power of nature

Posted on April 2, 2009


About one month ago, I had the opportunity to attend a long awaited seminar with Donnie Yance, a leading herbalist for Cancer treatment. Up until that point, I was of the opinion that cancer was one of those diseases that could really only be supported by natural medicine, not treated. Of course, I had been very much inspired by Donnie’s work and success in this realm, so I had to go and see for myself. I was in for a surprise because everything that I learned over the period of a week was ‘integrative’ treatment of cancer, using the leading research-based herbs and food medicines right along side conventional chemo and radiation treatments used very unconventionally.  I am truly blessed that I have been able to personally witness the healing power of natural medicine, practiced with the intuitiveness of Saint Francis and the inquisitiveness of Sherlock Holmes. Truly integral medicine!

cancer-txI actually met a live patient who had cancer… his personal choice was to only do alternative/ natural therapies and so his physical tumor was still quite visible.  (It looked a lot like this picture– please note, this is not the actual patient).  However, this incredible man was clearly attuned to another plane because he had almost no fear of dying and more so inspired us through his talk. He said the pain from the growth near his throat was intense, he could barely swallow but refused any sort of pain killers (natural or otherwise) for the sole reason that he didn’t want to suppress anything.  Being present with the pain, he said, was an important part of his soular evolution!  With the natural therapies, even though his tumor size looked the same, the quality of the growth had changed quite a bit over the few months of taking the medicines and there was hope that there would be eventual “cure.”

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