Nature Deficit Disorder

Posted on April 24, 2009


Nature Deficit Disorder is a term coined in 2005 by Richard Louv.  It essentially means lack of connection and relationship with nature.  earth-day

This estrangement is named to the be cause of many illnesses, childhood and adult alike.  The most common ones are depression, obesity, and Attention deficit disorder.  Children’s interaction with nature, that is flowing streams, mountains, rivers, and trees, has a powerful impact on the healthy development of the child’s physical and mental capabilities. Louv states that nature is vital to “develop their senses for learning and creativity.”

One study shows the increase in employee happiness and job satisfaction if plants are located around the office or if there are windows through which plants can be seen.  And really, who doesn’t smile when they see a beautiful rose bush!?

Getting back out into nature may be one of the best ways we have to help our environment. Creating deep connections with the nature around us creates a bond which we won’t sell to the highest bidder. Most people will fight to keep their neighborhood park if they grew up playing in it. So indeed, its one of the best environmental causes.  More so, nature and humans are interdependent. We are nature! And, according to native americans, nature responds to us as much as we respond to it.  Plants need attention, whether it’s in the form of pruning in the backyard, picking fruit, or giving a hug.  So go ahead- hug a tree!

Happy Earth Day!

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