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The health-care “crisis”

October 27, 2009


Considering that health care is quite a hot-topic these days, I figured I would say a few words about that… is a public option at worst or single-payer at best, going to solve the health-care crisis? I doubt it. We don’t need more “access” to pills to shove down our throats.  Yes, there is a […]

Seeding a Gift-Culture

October 17, 2009


Recently, I had the honor of attending a gift-culture seeding workshop with Charles Eisenstein. I learned and evolved quite a bit in that short time… and am sharing some reflections, experiences and such. What I learned out of the workshop, being around Charles, and as I am reading the book [The Ascent of Humanity] is […]

With so many types of supplements, how do you choose the best?

October 14, 2009


Whole foods, food based, and synthetic: whats the difference? Synthetic (generally not labeled as such)—usually high dose concentrates of either extracts from natural substances or completely synthetic (man-made).  These compounds, although in high concentrations, is not absorbed very well.  These compounds are not easily recognizable by our body so we essentially have to give in […]