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Parabens in Cosmetics & body care products

October 7, 2010


For you label-readers out there, you probably already know parabens in your skin & body care products are toxic. Others of you may not know to even read labels on such products! Parabens is in everything from soaps to lotions and shampoos to deodorants. It is an estrogenic molecule, used as a preservative in most […]

Canola Oil: not as healthy as touted

October 5, 2010


Canola Oil has for years been considered one of the healthiest oils to use. ¬†Canola = canadian + oil. Canola oil is produced by hybridizing rape seed to not have a molecule called erucic acid. Erucic acid is toxic and hence has to be removed before safe for human consumption. ¬†And because of this hybridization, […]