Connected self is the Gift of Self

Posted on November 7, 2010


“Contemporaneous with the financial crisis we have an ecological crisis and a health crisis. They are intimately interlinked. We cannot convert much more of the earth into money, or much more of our health into money, before the basis of life itself is threatened.”– Charles Eisenstein, Money and the Crisis of Civilization

This whole issue of ‘financial crisis’ has affected so many brothers and sisters on our side of the world.  For me, it has been a bit perplexing.  It seems like a catch-22, how do we find our way out? We have destroyed the environment, beloved Gaia, which we are so dependent on.  The limited resources, unable to be converted into revenue is connected to the economic crash.  Our health (or I would say sickness) has been commodified-  for something that most traditional cultures knew inherently, we have now replaced it and become dependent on drugs.  Because drugs don’t grow in the woods, we can charge outrageous amounts of money for… and hence, as Eisenstein notes, we are “richer” for it.

Reading this article, I had an ah-ha moment. One that helped me connect some dots: Gifting is the solution. We have had this crash because the economy relies on commodifying the non-commodifiables.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could then offer the most valuable things (health, environment, fresh air, clean water, good food, etc) as a gift, without any strings attached- because these things are not always quantifiable in terms of GDPs and monetary gain.

In some small way, I think we’re “creating the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible”– right here right now. And by offering a gift of health and healing, maybe in some way we are helping to step outside of that catch-22.  But sometimes, you just know in your heart, this is what feels good. There is indeed A Mysterious Pull of Generosity.



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