Hydrotherapy: Magic Socks Treatment

Posted on November 10, 2010


I recommend this so often, I thought it was about time I write a post about it. This simple treatment is “magic”- hence the name. And… it was actually the one therapy in school that I absolutely could not fathom trying. But once I tried it, I continued every night for 2 1/2 months non-stop! Yes, it’s powerful.

What do “Magic Socks” do and what can they be used for?

Since you put on cold wet socks on your feet, your body goes through several cycles trying to dry them. In this process, there is increased circulation to the heart when socks are cold and to the feet when socks are warmed. This to and fro from feet and heart continues through the night, increasing circulation.  Circulation is key for boosting the immune system, so magic socks work wonderfully for that.

Also, energetically, this treatment helps to draw chest/head congestion out towards the feet.

Last but not least, I have personally experienced more restful sleep because of this treatment. Don’t ask me why! I have no idea… it’s just an observation. And, I’ve recommended to others for this reason and they reported that they indeed had better sleep on the nights that they wore the socks.

Conditions that I think to use Magic Socks for:

– cold/ flu/ chest congestion

– headaches

– general immune support for a depressed immune system (for example, as in the case of cancer)

–  anxiety-related sleep issues

What do you need for the treatment?

1 pair of cotton socks

1 pair of wool socks (*very important* that they are wool)

How do you do it?

Take the cotton socks, run them under cold water. Wring out well. Put them on your feet just before going to sleep for the night. Put the wool socks on over them.

What should you expect?

The socks should be dry in the morning.

And, you should be feeling better!

Note: If you’re using this for cold/ flu/ congestion, I suggest using them every night till you are over the acute illness completely and continue doing for another 2-3 days after. This will ensure that you are completely over the sickness rather than having it linger on and on. Also note, if you do this immediately at the first sign or symptom of a cold, you won’t get sick! So, don’t wait till you get sick to try this out.


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