Healing: In a moment

Posted on August 21, 2011


Healing and curing are defined similarly but are very different.  Curing is the removal of symptoms, allowing the patient to be free from pain, suffering, etc.  In this, the patient’s source of discomfort has been removed so that the patient can be more “comfortable.”  However, any discomfort is a wake-up call and if it is seen as such, can bring the patient an opportunity to heal.  All beings need healing, and indeed it is our right to do so… essentially, it is what we were meant to do.  Healing, from my perspective, is ability to be conscious while living a life aligned with nature and the universe.

At the essence of healing is presence.  The ability of a person to be in the present moment is vital to healing.  This state of presence brings about the realization that the healer is no different than the one needing healing—they are one and the same.  When this is realized, true healing takes place.  The healer does not look onto the patient as “the next case,” the hurt in need for curing, etc.  There can be no judgment in this moment because there is nothing to judge.  Since the healer and the one needing healing are part of the same whole and they are both whole in their own rite, there is nothing but love— love for self, love for the other, and love for the universe.  In this very moment, the patient does not see the physician as someone that has knowledge or the one that holds the magical key.

This presence also creates a space– a space where the patient is free to be him/herself.  In this space, the patient also reveals his true self and the physician feels love and empathy for this self (realizing that this self is the same self that is him).  The physician and patient share a bond of trust, respect, non-judgment, and, most importantly, unconditional love.  These qualities allow for healing to take place in the moment.  From this moment onwards, there is a change in the physician and patient.  They both go on in their lives, being affected by this connection and healing that took place.  They both live happier, more at peace, and more in unison with the Earth’s harmony— creating harmony and peace in their own lives.

It is important to realize that the source of the patient’s original discomfort may or may not have been removed.  However, this source has not been covered up or pushed deeper.  The patient that is healed may and can truly be happy and at peace without the removal of these discomfort-causing symptoms.  So in healing, the patient lives within the reality of each moment without the need to change the reality.  Of course, this reality is constantly changing—so the patient stays present and changes as the reality changes without attachment to change or consistency.  The healed patient can be present with any reality, accepting it for what it is without any desire for the moment to be anything other than what it is.

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