To Dr. Shah, the practice of homeopathy and naturopathy is a meditative practice in being present with the patients, providing a space for patients to heal and giving them the support and guidance they need on their healing journeys. Dr. Shah feels blessed to have found Naturopathy and having the ability to help fellow brothers and sisters to live healthier and more fulfilling lives

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  1. Steven Rosing

    September 5, 2008

    Kudos to Dr. Shah and other like-minded individuals. She is a compassionate, innovative practitioner who makes well being a top priority, a doctor who puts people and peace before ego or profits. She has personally helped me get my blood pressure under control without the use of pharmaceuticals, for which I am extremely grateful. I strongly recommend you give her a try.

    Power to you, Binal!

    Many Thanks,


  2. After three months of trying everything to heal ongoing sore throats and fevers (picked up from working with small children in childcare) that had turned into a chronic infection and impacted one sinus, Binal made a blend-of-herbs tea that cleared up the infection. I cannot begin to express how grateful I was. I highly recommend her, and her compassionate, devoted, knowledgeable, and holistic approach.


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