Healing Dis-Ease

What is Healing?

Health is NOT merely the lack of disease. Health is a balanced state of inner freedom- freedom to grow, evolve, and develop in order to manifest the highest potential. Health is also harmony with nature, in which one can listen to the voice within

Dis-ease may be defined as a state which is not conducive to inner harmony or further evolution. Dis-ease is an energetic imbalance, a shift in our natural vitality that is not beneficial. The imbalance in a dis-eased state is usually not just on one level such as the most commonly associated physical experience of the symptom whether it be pain- for any reason, heart disease, or an ulcer. The physical symptom is actually the last to manifest, previous to which there are many other imbalances. With every imbalance (regardless of how significant- it could range anywhere from a toothache to heart disease or cancer), there are the underlying mental, emotional, and spiritual components.

An analogy: Dis-ease can be looked upon as the growing of weeds in a beautiful garden. Weeds may grow for various reasons. “Cure” is considered to be the removal of these weeds. However, the weeds may just as easily grow back- if not in the same place than another, if not the same weed than another. Until the cause of the weeds is removed, the beautiful garden will inevitably have weeds. The removal of the cause is “healing.”

The mere removal of symptoms of the dis-ease is what has been called “curing.” Although this will bring some relief to the patient, the dis-ease may manifest in a new way or manifest somewhere else in the body. For example, let’s consider a patient with ovarian cancer. The patient is advised to get a hysterectomy as a “cure.” The patient undergoes the surgery, plus the additional chemotherapy and radiation. Five years later, the patient now presents with breast cancer. Why? Because curing does not equal to healing! Similar to the weeds in the garden, the root cause of the dis-ease has to be removed or altered in order for healing to occur.
Dis-ease can also be considered to be a disturbance in our healthy pattern.This pattern is usually present through all of our being at most times. It is the way one acts and reacts to various situations in life. These “energetic patterns” are created in childhood and via other “life-changing” events. These negative patterns have to then be reversed back to healthy, positive, healing ones in order for one to be truly healthy.

We believe our patients to be active participants in their processes and journeys- we are only here as the guides on these journeys. We all have within us what we need to heal—however, often it takes ‘another’ to lead the way to the space for healing and health. That is our service… thank you for allowing us to be of service.

What is Healing?

The healing process occurs on subtler, deeper levels than the curing which is best defined as a removal/suppression of physical symptoms. Healing, on the other hand, is the re-institution of the balanced state, and at times can even be more favorable than a previously ‘healthy’ state. It is important to know that curing is commonly mistaken for healing. Healing is far more difficult to see or realize than mere curing. In most cases, however, healing is also inclusive of ‘curing.’ In simpler terms, one that is healing should also experience an improvement of physical symptoms as well as feel ‘better’ on all other levels– mental, emotional, and spiritual. Through healing, one’s energies are shifted to a state where one has the freedom to realize and live their life purpose.

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  1. My daughter finally found you. I went to you about 6 mos before Elephant pharmacy closed and you helped me with my problem. I have osteoporosis and I am finally ahead of the problem. How long should I take The bone building pills(TheNewChpt) and oh, the mineral tea where do I get it? I feel 90% better, but when the pharmacy closed I was so sad and worry about where I was going to find the mineral tea. I can’t find it anywhere with the formula. I do take mineral supplements called ConcenTrace-Trace Mineral drops. Trader Joe’s calicum made from plant food. But, I rather use the tea mineral instead of trace mineral drops. I stopped taking the The NewChpt bone builder because it was causing me to get pain in the right thigh, like a pulling feeling, after stopping mineral tea, so I guess they work together better. Any ideas where I can find the mineral tea? I can tolerate the natural herbs. Much thanks! Oh, the book on calicum what was the name and where do I find it. I am afraid things will return if I don’t take that calicum. Thank YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR HELPING ME WITH THIS DISEASE. aLICE


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