My offerings are many… I work with each individual as a unique being, accessing whichever tools from my tool bag are most needed to help this being on their healing journey. If there is something I believe would be valuable that I do not practice, I often give a referral to someone who is more of an expert in that modality.

Naturopathy is an umbrella term for ‘all things natural’.  It recognizes that the body, mind, spirit are connected and in order to cure or heal, the three have to be in tune with nature. Rooted firmly in using natural, non-toxic therapies for healing, naturopathy helps to remove the obstacles to cure in a gentle but effective way.

Homeopathy aligns one’s energy in a way that’s health promoting and is the key to unlock one’s own potential for healing. Homeopathy is an energetic healing mechanism that takes into account the whole person. It is a system of healing based on the principles of “like cures like.” The purpose of homeopathy is to bring into alignment non-beneficial patterns of energy- whether they be physical, mental, or emotional. The homeopathic practitioner spends time questioning the patient to ascertain the energy of the patient so that it can be matched to the energy of the remedy. The process of question and answer alone can be very healing, bringing to fore-front for the patient what the pattern or imbalance is in a gentle way. In addition, the homeopathic remedies are used to align the person’s energies to work for them rather than against them. With the appropriate homeopathic remedy, the patient’s energies begin working for him/her, as intended by nature, so that the healing of the mind, body, and spirit can occur without blocks or impediments that have been put up by oneself.

Herbal Medicine is the use of potent plant medicines used to re-harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

Clinical Nutrition: Affective utilization of “food as medicine” and facilitating the body to make optimal use of the nutrients given to it, takes finesse and skill. Being trained in Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine, and Western Nutrition, Dr. Shah creates a program unique to the needs of each client.  The focus is to use the thing that we put into our bodies on a daily basis, food, to help heal rather than harm the balance of our energy systems.

Intuitional Vegan Cooking Classes:

“Let food be your medicine”- Hippocrates.

And I would add to that, let it not taste like medicine! I believe that food and eating are enjoyable experiences. The intention of these classes is to teach how to cook nutritious food in a way thats fun & engaging, and to eat it in a way that supports optimal digestion and usage of the nutrients.

Intuitional Energy Healing: All of us have access to our own intuition. Being in touch with that to consciously help heal just takes practice and patience. Aumatma continues to study and practice energy healing systems, at the Foundation for Spiritual Development, that help to align the energy systems at subtle levels.

I also teach classes and facilitate workshops.

The classes I teach are generally health-related (for example: Women’s Health).

The workshops combine healing with connection to Self, Other, World; accessing our Truth; & offering our gifts as a path to healing. If you’re interested in either, feel free to email me to get on a mailing list!

“Dr. Binal Shah holds her work close to her heart while conducting herself in a professional manner. She eats, sleeps, talks, and acts on healing. She is a great listener and very insightful. I would recommend Dr. Shah without hesitation to consult for your health and mental well being.” (M.Q., New Jersey)

“Dr. Binal has demonstrated both professional, tactful and personable interfacing allowing her skills to be effective and resourceful. She offers great results, good value, on time performances and very creative. Her healing demeanor is a plus to anyone who calls upon her for service.” (A.K., Washington DC)

“I went to visit with Dr.Aumatma a few months ago and wanted to share my experience.

On the initial appointment, we had a deep conversation followed by a physical remedy that I was to take. I went down to the bay to take it because I felt like I needed to be near the water. I sat in the car after having some water and waited for the time to pass. Before I took the remedy I asked myself if I was ready to take on the changes that you had said would take place. My answer was yes…but that I knew making those changes last would require my participation and care. I also felt very humbled, I had tried in a variety of ways to let go of some of what I was carrying before. With ceremony, with writing about it a lot, talking, dreaming, crying, choosing to let go, etc. Nothing had really worked and I wasn’t sure about the remedy, but I reminded myself that I really wanted it to work. And then I took it. I immediately, as soon as it hit my tongue, felt an opening sensation in my face. My mood changed, I felt lighter, I felt warm and relaxed, I felt like whatever was going on in my life was as it was supposed to be, I just felt happy and almost lovingly humorous. It was profound. I have never believed in magic pills but that was about as close as I’ve ever been to something that completely and irrevocably changed my perspective and sense of my self in my life. It felt like coming home to a self that I’ve been before in other times…but had lost somewhere along the way. Wow. After that I took the other doses as indicated and stopped after 24 hours. I could feel that they reinforced the feeling, and it just made me feel better having the process to follow.

In the days afterward I kept track of the feelings that we had put in the spreadsheet, but I just didn’t need it for long. Since then life continues but I feel different, better, more able to be present to it. There are some things that I am working on with Dr.Aumatma but am grateful for this incredible healing.

Since then I have passed her name on to many friends, and told them about the Karma Clinic. One of my friends, recently saw her and thanked me because of how dramatic the results had been for her as well.

It feels like a miracle and I’m struggling for ways to describe this experience in words that both do it justice but are not so alarmingly awed as to sound bland or undiscerning. I have a new and very intrigued respect for homeopathy. The depths that it touched, the profundity of the specific way it interacted with me, unexpected would be an understatement. Dr.Shah is an incredibly talented healer and I am grateful, and humbled, to have been given an opportunity to witness magic in this way. Thank you.” (D.V., Oakland, CA)

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