Recognizes that the body, mind, spirit are connected and in order to cure or heal, the three have to be in tune with nature. Rooted firmly in using natural, non-toxic therapies for healing, naturopathy helps to remove the obstacles to cure in a gentle but effective way.

Naturopathic Medicine is a field of medicine that is re-emerging. Several centuries ago when “traditional” doctors would use herbs and homeopathy as the main medicines for people with all types of ailments. With the discovery of antibiotics, the transition was made to what we now consider “traditional medicine”– the use of pharmacologic agents in treating conditions and ailments.

The re-emergence of Naturopathic Medicine brings forth a new array of servers-healers trained the best of East and West. In addition to basic medical sciences, conventional and alternative diagnostic testing and pharmocologic therapies, Naturopathic Doctors are trained in botanical medicine, homeopathy, clinical/functional nutrition, hydrotherapy, classical Chinese/Ayurvedic Medicine, physical medicine, and minor office procedures. Naturopathic practitioners tailor care to the individual with an emphasis on prevention and empowerment through self-care.

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